Lear Natrosound NS-U1 IEM Review

Nathan has reviewed the Lear on Headfonia.  Sounds like the SQ is interesting with an emphasis on bass.  So you bassheads out there might want to check this one out at your next meet.  The cable appears to have problems and Nathan expressed concern with the size of the IEM. Although,  from his photos it appears to be similar to the new Noble form factor. Nothing is as big as my Layla!

Review of NS-U1

Fostex TH-X00

Bestula has just posted a great review on Head-fi of the TH-X00 headphones that have and are dropping at Massdrop.  One issue with the review is that bestula appears to primarily listen to the EDM genre so those of us who listen to jazz or classical will need to do some extrapolation.

I joined the purpleheart X00 drop earlier this month and can’t wait to receive them.



Pros: refined, clear, detailed sound with fabulous bass quantity, quality and impact
Cons: non-detachable cables, limited availability, treble can be harsh for sensitive ears

Review of the X00

Schiitting on MQA!!!!!!

Okay, while my post’s title is identical to John H. Darko’s the exclamation points were mine.  In short, MQA is BAD for consumers.   First, it is a lossy format so it provides little to no new value to audio industry.  Second, it is an attempt to extort licensing fees from consumers, manufactures and record producers.  There is no win here except for the MQA developers.  Schiit came out with the statement that they have no intention of supporting this schitty protocol and I applaud them for taking that stand.  We should all take the same stand!!!  John Darko has a post summarizing Schiit’s statement.

When you purchase music on a physical medium such as albums, tapes or CDs you have a perpetual license to listen to that music. In fact, several legal cases have given you the right to have a backup of this music.  It gets a bit muddy around your rights to “RIP” the music from the medium to another format but it appears that you have this right as well.  All said, if you purchase music on a physical medium you can listen to that on any device and as many as you wish.  This is why I only purchase music on physical media or via DRM free digital vendors.  MQA is another approach at ripping you and me off and we need to reject it.


Schiitting on MQA

Sony PHA-3 Headphone Amp

An older review but noteworthy.  I recently tried this DAC/Amp and was amazed at its performance. It also supports all of the inputs/outputs I would be interested in using including balanced out, toslink and multiple USB inputs.  I picked up a used one on Amazon for around $780.

Below is the link on Head-Fi of the review by cloud_c.


Pros: DAC handles all formats, amp has great control and power
Cons: price initially, but not no longer as it has replaced several tried and true components

Review of PHA-3

Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC and Ragnarok Amp Review

Chris Martens has a review on Hi-Fi+ of the outstanding Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnorok DAC/Amp stack.  This is the high end of the Schiit line and they are outstanding.  I have spent several hours over the past year listening to them at various meets.  They aren’t cheap and the aren’t gimmicky.  They are simply excellent products and a good price.  One of the best price performing stack on the market.  Someday and might be able to purchase these but for now I revel in my Bitfrost/Valhalla stack.

Review of the Yggdrasil and Ragnarok