Jays’ a-Seven Bluetooth Headphone Review

Zelda posted a review of the closed back a-Seven wireless on-ear headphones over on Head-Fi.  From the review they sound like basic entry level bluetooth headphones with a slight V shape and boosted base.

Pros – Build quality
Bluetooth quality
Battery timeSound: Well balanced in wireless mode, good clarity and spacious

Cons – Average isolation at best
Fixed ear pads
Little foam on ear pads
(Full specifications are not stated)

Click Here – For the a-Seven Review


A great review of Jays’ QJays from Paul on Headfonia.  The review is very detailed including frequency response graphs including one graph comparing the QJays with the DUNI DN2KJ and the Trinity Delta.  Paul also includes the music used in the review process which I always appreciate as it provides me with a reference point.

QJays Review