FLC Technology FLC 8S Review

Nmatheis has a review on Head-Fi of the FLC 8S customizable IEM.  The 8S is another in the growing BA/Dynamic Drive segment of hybrid IEMs. NMatheis really liked the 8S


Pros: High-quality, highly-customizable sound. Small. Ergonomic. Built well. Detachable cables.
Cons: Microphonics. Overly tight cinch. Limited tip choices. Very small tuning filters.

Review of the 8S

Another review of the 8S from Joker on The Headphone List

Head-Fi’s FLC8 & 8S Thread

Xiaomi’s Crystal Piston IEM Reviewed

Joker has a review of the Crystal Piston on The Headphone List. This is a $30 dynamic driver IEM from Xiaomi.


Pros: Fantastic sound quality for the price; 3-button Android remote; the only truly high-performance fashion in-ear I’ve tried
Cons: Wide housings not ideal for small ears; mediocre noise isolation; more expensive than Piston 2

Review of the Crystal Piston


Comparing Noble Savant & Stagediver 2

d marc0 on Head-Fi has a comparison review of the Noble Savant to the InEar Stagediver 2.  I have yet to hear of a negative view of the Savant.  I will need to listen to one at my next meet.

Noble Savant to the Stagediver 2

Here is a link to a review of the Stagedrive 2 by LJOKERL on theheadphonelist.com

InEar StageDiver 2 (SD-2) Review