Lear Natrosound NS-U1 IEM Review

Nathan has reviewed the Lear on Headfonia.  Sounds like the SQ is interesting with an emphasis on bass.  So you bassheads out there might want to check this one out at your next meet.  The cable appears to have problems and Nathan expressed concern with the size of the IEM. Although,  from his photos it appears to be similar to the new Noble form factor. Nothing is as big as my Layla!

Review of NS-U1

Review of the Natrosound NS-U1 IEM

Marcusd over on Headfonics posted a review of the Lear NS-U1. This is a dual dynamic driver IEM. It also has what Lear labels the Natrosound which is designed to mirror the effect of the sound signature of loudspeakers.

Review of the NS-U1