Cowon Plenue R Digital Audio Player (PLA) Review

Twister6 posted a review of the Plenue R over on Head-Fi.  Twister6’s review is extensive and complete as always and the PR (Plenue R) sounds like a great mid-market product selling without the leather case for just under $500.

Pros – JetEffect 7, solid build, responsive touch-screen, neutral revealing tuning, customizable GUI (skins), 17hrs battery life, Bluetooth w/aptX, 128GB internal storage.
Cons – leather case is optional, power output more suitable for IEMs and efficient Full size.

Review of Plenue R

A Case for the iPhone 4s being and competent DAP

Nathan has a review of the iphone 4s as a DAP on Headfonia.  He makes the case that the 4s is a very competent DAP and should be one of the options considered when looking for $0-$500 DAPs.  He compares the 4s’ technical capability with that of the Cowon Plenue D and the AK Jr.  An interesting read.

The iPhone 4s as a DAP