Cayin N3 DAP Review

Twister6 posted a review of the Cyin N3 digital audio player on Head-Fi.  From the review it sounds like a great DAP and for just under $150 the price is right.  Also, it directly supports ISO and it BT capable.

Review of N3

Jerry Harvey Audio Lola Hybrid IEM

Andy Regan of Jerry Harvey has an announcement of the new Lola hybrid IEM over on Head-Fi.  The announcement includes details around the makeup of the Lola.  Click on the link below to see the technology built into the new Lola.

Lola Announcement

Lime Ears Aether IEM Review

Gearofwar posted a review of the Lime Ears Aether IEM over on Head-Fi.  The Aether is a 5-BA drivers IEM in a 1 very low, 2 low, 1 mid, 1 high BA 4-way crossover configuration

Pros: Perfectly balanced signature, well-done and beautiful treble, smooth and rich from top to bottom, most natural timbre ever heard of an iem.
Cons: None


Review of the Aether