FiiO X5 3rd Gen Audio Player Review

Bhazard posted a review of the new FiiO X5 3rd generation digital audio player over on Head-Fi.  FiiO has dropped the click wheel and replaced it with a large LCD screen.  This is a plus in my book.  The new X5 is a dual mono DAC configuration and supports balanced output.  All good things and with a $399 list price you can’t go wrong.

Pros: Sound Quality, Android OS, Wifi, USB DAC

Cons: Older android OS, Slow transfers.


Review of X5 3rd Gen


FiiO AM3 – Balanced Amplifier Module for X7 Review

Brooko posted a review on Head-Fi of the AM3 amp module for the X7.  The review is focused on the latest amplifier module just released but thankfully Brooko also compares this with the other X7.


Pros: Sound quality, power output, low impedance, easy to swap in and out, balanced option as well as single ended, better battery life than AM5
Cons: Still relatively low battery life compared to alternatives

Review of the AM3

FIIO K1 Entry Level DAC/Amp Review

Lieven has a review of FIIO’s entry level DAC/Amp on Headfonia.  The K1 is priced right around $39 and is about the size of a DragonFly.  According to Lieven the SQ coming out of the K1 isn’t of the same caliber as units twice as expensive or more and there are several comparisons in the review so you can determine the fit.

Review of the FIIO K1